Turning A Special Page In Your Dancer's Story!

Ages 8-9 | Joyful Juniors

It is a very big step from our Magnificent Minis Program to our Joyful Juniors Program, and we couldn't be more excited for every dancer at this amazing stage in their journey!

Bridging the gap between our Magnificent Minis and Terrific Teens, Joyful Juniors grow leaps and bounds both in and out of the studio, and our curriculum matches these strides.

As with other level advancements, moving up to Joyful Juniors signifies that a dancer has mastered certain elements of classroom etiquette and technical skills. Our instructors love combining the joy of dance with new and challenging dance steps to further grow each dancer in this integral level!

With new performance opportunities, the chance to be on the amazing BFDS Performance Company, and many other fun bonuses, our Joyful Juniors experience the studio as exactly that - joyful!

Juniors Dance Classes

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