5 Ways Dancing Boosts Confidence

Dance is a physical art form that can improve your life, or your child’s life, in countless ways. Dancing boost confidence! One of the most noticeable ways that dancing makes life better is by boosting your confidence. Whether you’re a dance parent to a budding dancer or you’re a dancer who has already hit the stage and wants to learn more, you’ll want to learn about 5 ways that dancing boosts your confidence.

It Literally Gets Your Happy-Inducing Endorphins Going

Endorphins are a natural chemical that, when released in the body, make you feel happy and content. One of the easiest ways to release endorphins is to engage in a form of moderate physical exercise–like dance! In addition to boosting those make-you-happy endorphins, dance reduces the levels of stress-causing cortisol in your body.

It Inspires the Creation of Goals and Feelings of Accomplishment

Every level of dance–whether your child is just starting pre-K movement classes or they’re on a competitive dance team–encourages dancers to create goals. These goals can range from And when these goals are accomplished, it gives dancers a big self-esteem and confidence boost. When they know that they can achieve something if they set their mind to it, practice hard, and take it seriously, it allows them to feel more confident in themselves.

Performing On Stage Generates Confidence in Spades

Dancing on stage again and again boosts confidence in an enormous way. Although most dancers will still experience some measure of those famous stomach-butterflies, the more you perform on stage, the more confident you feel when you step out. And as you become more confident in yourself, you will find that your performance benefits as a result. And the better you perform, the more confident you feel! It’s a wonderful circle of confidence that only increases as you continue to dance.

Dance Improves Body-Image and Self-Esteem

Dance is a great way to stay physically healthy! And the increased coordination, flexibility and body-awareness that comes with regular dance are a surefire way to improve your self-esteem. Improved self-esteem leads to better overall wellness, to say nothing of the confidence that comes along with feeling good about yourself.

It Encourages a Sense of Community

It may come as a surprise, but community–friendships, interpersonal ties and other types of close-knit relationships–can be a major source of confidence. When you are in a dance class, whether it’s a competitive team or a standard ballet class, you will develop a sense of greater community with the dancers around you. That sense of community will inspire feelings of closeness and pride with the others who are with you on your dance journey. As you all work and grow together, their success becomes your success; and when you are out there on stage with dancers that believe in you, their confidence in you turns into confidence in yourself.

Dance will inspire a lot of things–and chief among them is confidence, something which will help inside and outside the dance world. 

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